Enhanced options for podcast channels

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Enhanced options for podcast channels

Unread post by troycarpenter » 07 Feb 2017, 17:41

I propose a number of changes to the way Madsonic handles podcast channels. Specifically:

1. Allow for individual channel update options. Most channels update once per day at a specific time. Unfortunately for some that may be in the morning, and others in the afternoon (more typical since a number of podcasts are re-transmissions of a live show done earlier in the day). For instance, allow one podcast to be checked at 10:00, while another channel updates separately/independently at 15:00. This would add a new update option, called "scheduled" which could be selected in addition to the existing intervals.

2. Add the "keep" and "episodes to download" global fields for each individual podcast. The globals can be used as the default when creating a channel, but sometimes I want these settings applied differently to different channels. I'm thinking mostly of the "keep" option where I want to keep all podcast episodes, where others are topical and I don't care about keeping older episodes.

3. Allow for the podcast episode list to be replaced each time the feed is downloaded and processed on a per channel basis. This is designed to accommodate premium feeds that provide valid links only for a short period of time then change the URL after a set period of time (like a day). Currently, when Madsonic downloads a new feed, all the episodes appear as new since one of the URL path components changes. This causes duplicate entries in the database. In absence of creating algorithms to detect this, simply replace the episode list and set the episode STATUS based on the presence (or absence) of the media file in the target directory. This is discussed here: http://forum.madsonic.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=2041

4. Allow the user to change the metadata for the podcast channel. This could easily be incorporated into the podcast manager proposal toward the bottom of the post here: http://forum.madsonic.org/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2057
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