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by nh5
15 Sep 2015, 05:49
Forum: Solved Requests
Topic: [Solved] LDAP users defaults
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Re: LDAP users defaults

I haven't had any luck with LDAP on the latest build. Kinda wishing the implementation was closer to Subsonic's as just a proper search string is really all that is required. Can anyone help me convert this following string to what would fit in the madsonic LDAP boxes? (&(sAMAccountName={0})(&(objec...
by nh5
06 Aug 2015, 03:09
Forum: Madsonic 6.x
Topic: Madsonic 6.0 new Sneak Peek
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Re: Madsonic 6.0 new Sneak Peek

Been playing with the new beta build, LDAP is running with Server 2012R2 AD! Which is definitely exciting. However, what it is really preventing me from testing is two things, all the mobile apps complain the REST service has changed too much to be compatible. Madevil, I'm running this on Tomcat 8, ...
by nh5
22 Jul 2015, 02:44
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015

How can I join the testing as well? I have active group of users eager to test. I also have a huge media library, Sonos and have been awaiting LDAP integration. Let me know how I can help!
by nh5
04 May 2015, 22:49
Forum: Support
Topic: Problem with the Android App
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Re: Problem with the Android App

Bumping this, I have the same issue. Seems to a be a bug with the program.
by nh5
06 Jun 2014, 19:24
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 06/2014
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 06/2014

Exciting to hear! If you need any assistance let me know. Can provide you some hosting and other services if needed! Now, to check this site every 12 hours till the next release...........
by nh5
07 Dec 2013, 01:43
Forum: Client 6.x
Topic: Android Client Early Adopter Program
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Re: Android Client Early Adopter Program

All is well so far no bugs to report however the same issue I've always had still occurs occasionally. If I'm downloading a big media file like a 120MB mp3. Sometimes it will continuously loop when downloading it. Normally playing it while downloading prevents it. But when pinning it to download it ...
by nh5
05 May 2013, 00:18
Forum: Info
Topic: Android Client 5.1
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Re: Android Client 5.1 Release

Having a minor issue with the new release. Upon first opening the app, whether I'm connected to my server or using the app in offline mode, upon hitting play now on my selection, the app locks up, I get the madsonic is not responding prompt which I hit ok, app closes then reopens and works normally....
by nh5
19 Mar 2013, 06:47
Forum: Info
Topic: [Tutorial] How to convert to html5 from flash
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Re: How to convert to html5 from flash

Haven't had any luck with this tutorial, however I'm extremely interested in getting this to function on my server. Flash has overstayed its welcome. I've followed the instructions step by step however I end up with a error in JWPlayer6, "error playing file" anyone see this issue at all?
by nh5
11 Mar 2013, 01:01
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: Android app transcoding issue on 4.8.3350.beta3
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Re: Android app transcoding issue on 4.8.3350.beta3

I have this issue with the Android app as well, it happens normally when I transcode a file from 320 down to lets say 192kbps, only reason why I do it is to conserve mobile data, however the songs once downloaded do not play in the app or through the built in android music player as well. It also se...