Music Selection Improvements / Offline Mode

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Music Selection Improvements / Offline Mode

Unread post by troycarpenter »

Great work on the Android client. I've been using it now for a few months since putting Madsonic on my media server. I trust we will be seeing the app back in the market soon.

I like the ability to find songs and artists based on genre, but I would really like the ability to add an entire genre to the playlist. Right now, unless I am missing something, I select a genre which pulls up a list of artists or songs, which I then have to add each individually to a playlist. I would like to be able to add an entire genre to the playlist instead. The same could be said for the folders. I would like to see the an option to add all the folder content to a playlist once a folder is selected, rather than have to add each entry individually. Of course, to top it all off, the ability to add "all songs" to the queue would be nice as well.

For streaming, it would be nice if the player handled the offline situation better. In a test where I added songs to my playlist then went into "airplane" mode, playback stopped when the player reached the first song that was not in the cache. It would make more sense if the player would skip any songs in the playlist that are not in the cache when there is no connection to the server (which the app warned me about, so it must know it's no longer connected). Maybe a command on the player menu that removes non-queued songs as well. The whole point a streaming server is that I don't have to sync the music beforehand, so if I'm away from a network, just limit the playlist to what's in the local cache and seamlessly skip any content in the playlist that is not local.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to any an all improvements in the app. The Madsonic Android app has almost displaced PowerAMP as my player, but until the offline mode is improved, I still have to keep it around to play the music when there isn't any network.
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Re: Music Selection Improvements / Offline Mode

Unread post by rolandow »

About the offline mode: I think it would be nice if I could select songs and then have them forced to be downloaded in cache. This way I can select and download the songs before I leave. Or am I missing something? The cache is now automatically being take care off, right? It just downloads a few songs ahead of what I am listening.

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Re: Music Selection Improvements / Offline Mode

Unread post by rburns »

You can change how many songs are cached from your queue list by changing the setting "Songs to preload". This is under the network settings.
Once you change that (to unlimited, hehe), you can just add all the songs you want to cache to your queue list. As soon as it is in queue, it will cache to your cache location.
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