7.0 Early Adopter Observations

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7.0 Early Adopter Observations

Unread post by 02ebz06 »

I've only been working with it for few days and here are some things I've found:

1) Volume slider bar does not change volume.

2) When in Artist Index page, it continually refreshes the page every 15-20 seconds and changes width of it.
Very annoying.

3) I added 2 new albums.
It put them at the top alternating songs from the albums. i.e.
CD-1/Track-1, CD-2/Track1, CD-1/Track-2, CD-2/Track-2, and so on continuing for all songs in the albums.
I click the ^ to sort by artist, it sorts them back alphabetically as they were before I added the new albums.
But then when it does it's page refresh, it puts the new albums at the top alternating songs from albums again.
Now, maybe the view setting got changed to Recently Added, not sure, but if I click the ^ and sort them, I think it should stay
alphabetical and not get reset with the page refresh.

4) Feature Request: On the Settings/Media Folders Page on the right side where the Enable and Delete check boxes are, I think it
would be nice to add a Scan check box, so the scan could scan in individual folder, since most likely if you added new music it
would not be in every folder.

5) I posted a few days ago about the MadsonicSonos service. Got no response.
When trying to add it in Sonos, it can't connect to the Sonos server due to username/password issue.
Since I haven't gotten any help with that, Can't test that part.

6) Madsonic is slow. Web site as well.

7) Unrelated to produce evaluation, but, Customer Service needs to improve.
If people can't get answers to there problem they will go elsewhere.
Improve Customer Service and you will increase your user community.
As an example: 3 days ago I posted a problem about being unable to get Sonos service set up.
In 3 days, only 23 views (a couple were mine) and no replies.
I posted a question about a problem I was having with Kodi on the Kodi forum.
In less than an hour I had a response and was corresponding with two community members.
In less than 8 hours had over 90 views.,
The moral here is to provide great customer service, you will benefit.
Word will spread and your user community will increase.
Increased user community will increase knowledgeable members that can answer questions, which will take some of the
burden off the Customer Service Team/Person.
It's a win/win.

8) A screenshot of the Media Folder page (here --> https://beta.madsonic.org/pages/about.jsp) shows a "Type" value of Media-Artist.
The version I installed does not have that. If it did, it "may" solve the issue I have.
Here is my issue:
I don't care about albums, 99% of the time I just go to my folder and play Random. Madsonic seems to base everything on Albums.
So in my situation, Madsonic sees I have only 7 albums.
My music is kept in the following format.

Madsonic can't deal with this format, it treats everything under Music as an album and can't find cover art.
So when I go into Artist Index for My_Music, all songs (4000+) except 30 or 40 show as My_Music/Elvis Presley as the Album/Artist.
No Idea why it picked Elvis Presley and not sure why/how it found album art for the 30 or 40 songs.
The Cover_Art folder is just that. Plex had no problem with my folder format and found cover art for all the music except for
less and 1% of the songs.
I downloaded the cover art for those, put it in that folder, and told Plex to use it.

Final Comments...

I'd love to get a lifetime subscription, but at this time, Madsonic just won't work me.
I wish you the best and will check back form time to time.

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Re: 7.0 Early Adopter Observations

Unread post by owenxito »

I would like to comment also into some aspects

1. Mini Icon of artist on top of the album
This is related to the last.fm search or the artis look up image option which should be considered when displayin in full mode, but instead it shows a white star. probably just a minor correction to just use the same artist art from the previously selected option.

2. last.fm multiple language support
It should include probably spanish and others, last.fm does support'em.

3. Lyrics providers
It would be a good option to enhances the show lyrics options with other providers for the lyrics, as the one that it's included doesn't find the lyrics corrrectly, or sometimes it doesnt even show a result
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