"MADSONIC 6.3.9840" auf "Madsonic 7.0.10390" Debian

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"MADSONIC 6.3.9840" auf "Madsonic 7.0.10390" Debian

Unread post by MarkiMark1971 »

How do I update Madsonic from "MADSONIC 6.3.9840" to "Madsonic 7.0.10390" on a Debian system? Would be nice if someone could help me there!

Thank you

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Re: "MADSONIC 6.3.9840" auf "Madsonic 7.0.10390" Debian

Unread post by 02ebz06 »

I'm new to Madsonic as well.
I just got 7.0 installed and working today on Debian 10.

First, what I discovered, you have to pay for the Premium license of sign up for as an Early Adopter (Beta Tester).
So, if you are unwilling, or unable to do that, you can't download 7.0

If you do do that...
I'm not sure if installing 7.0 is an upgrade and will clean out the 6.3, or if you will have to remove 6.3, then install 7.0.
Someone with more experience will have to help with that.

Now if you haven't done a lot of customizing that you want to keep, you can do the following to start with a clean slate.
Someplace on the admin page I saw where you can backup your database. That may be worth doing if you want to keep anything.
But databases may be different, I don't know.

For installing new:

NOTE - you could try "apt remove madsonic" first. That normally doesn't delete configuration files. If that doesn't work, try the line below.
> apt purge madsonic
> dpkg -i /<wherever you downloaded 7.0 to>/20190510_madsonic-7.0.10390.deb

Sorry I can't be more help.
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