Madsonic Newsletter 04/2017

Announcements and discussion of new releases.
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Madsonic Newsletter 04/2017

Unread post by Madsonic » 25 Apr 2017, 20:19

Dear Madsonic Community & Early Adopters!

announce some Updates for the upcoming version!

Changes for Madsonic 6.3.9400

New HLS: default/max bitrate group settings for streaming
New SEARCH: Apache Lucene 6.5.0 implementation (better search capabilities)
New BOOKMARK: automatic bookmarking (media,video,audiobooks,podcasts)
New ID3: add custom ID-Tag reading
New ID3: add multi-tag support for genre
New ID3: add multi-tag support for mood
New THEME: add headers to song views
New THEME: add more options to usersettings
New LANGUAGE: update italian translation (in courtesy of piretro999)
New PLAYQUEUE: show info about Bookmark jump
New PLAYQUEUE: show more Tooltips
New RSS: new experimental Feed feature for third Party Apps
New LDAP: new LDAP role GroupSync to Database functions
New PLAYLIST: add WPL implementation ( ... r_Playlist)
New PLAYLIST: Option to export in different formats (m3u8, m3u, pls, wpl, xspf)
New PLAYLIST: export and reimport Playlist owner
New PLAYLIST: new Playlist display options
New PODCAST: new Podcast display options
New PODCAST: new Podcast refresh options
New PODCAST: support Feedburner Podcast enclosure
New PODCAST: move refresh function to Settings role
New SHARE: automatically add description to Shares
New SHARE: Option to turn off depplinking for Shares
New SONOS: Update Firmware 7.1 WSDL
New SONOS: new Sonos Tracklist category
New SONOS: new custom Madsonic browse icons
New SONOS: new option to switch between Starred/Loved
New LASTFM: add italian option to language selection
New SCROLLBAR: refactor implementation
New TRANSLATION: update italian translation
Bugfix PODCAST/RSS: fix filesize exception
Bugfix PLAYQUEUE: fix lost snyc after rerangement
Bugfix COVER: fix playlist/video coverart
Bugfix SHARE: fix Shared links on Safari
Bugfix VIDEO: fix issues with HLS on Safari
Bugfix THEME: fix browser issues
Upgrade LIB: HSQLDB 2.4.0
Upgrade LIB: include Oracle Java JRE 8.0.131
Upgrade LIB: Jetty Server 8.2.0.v20160908
Upgrade LIB: Google AppEngine 1.9.51
Upgrade LIB: Spring Framework 3.2.18
Upgrade LIB: Spring Security 3.2.10
Upgrade LIB: Apache Lucene 6.5.0
Upgrade LIB: Apache HttpClient 4.5.3
Upgrade LIB: Apache HttpCore 4.4.6
Upgrade LIB: Eclipse Moxy 2.6.4
Upgrade LIB: Spring LDAP 2.3.1
Upgrade LIB: Google GSON 2.8.0
Upgrade LIB: commons-io 2.5
Upgrade LIB: Mockito 2.7.22
Upgrade LIB: cglib 3.2.4
Upgrade LIB: JDOM 2.0.2
Upgrade LIB: DWR 3.0.2
Upgrade LIB: log4j 2.7
Upgrade LIB: FFMPEG 3.3

Release to early adopters and Premium user within a few weeks.

As always, looking forward to your feedback!

best regards,
The Madsonic Team

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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 04/2017

Unread post by a7medo778 » 14 May 2017, 21:20

lookinf forward for a more polished, community friendly ui like ampache
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