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Changelog Madsonic Server

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Change-log 5.0 Branch

Build 3830
Update: Fixed Mediascanner Exceptions
Update: Update ffmpeg version 32/64bit

Build 3820
new: encoded password passthrough logon
Update: Updates for Madsonic 5.5.200 Client (REST API)
Update: Fixed slow DB-Queries (Starred, Playlist)
Update: Update REST-API 0.10.5
Update: Fixed Playlisteditor Links
Update: Fixed Theme issues
Update: Fixed comment file read error
Update: Theme preview function

Build 3800
new: many Layout-changes
new: Albumviews: by decade, by genre
new: Discover Updates (Artist Description)
new: speedup Discover requests
new: update REST API 1.10.5 (support new list requests)
new: fixed rare null exception (Bug-reports)
new: support for MOD music files
new: support new trans-coding profiles
new: support new trans-coders
new: support Android deep app links
Update: fixed some podcast problems if xml are corrupt
Update: fixed jukebox-mode default gain bug
Update: many Madsonic Theme Updates
Update: Update windows ffmpeg version 32/64bit
Update: included new encoder tools
Update: included minisub & jamstash
Update: Update jetty server 8.1.14.v20131031
many more ...

Build 3780
new: more Discover Feature (last top played, last played)
new: update REST API 1.10.2 (support lyric requests with mediafile ids (for upcoming Android Update 5.5)
Update: fixed broken Feature 'read from comment file'
Update: fixed broken Feature 'define Logfile level'
Update: artist.view - rearrange elements
Update: db.view - insert SELECT TOP(1000) protection limit
Update: edittags.view - fixed colspan
Update: Update windows ffmpeg version 32/64bit
Update: some Madsonic Sunny Theme Updates

Build 3760
new Feature: read unsyncedlyrics from local metadata, fallback to chartlyrics
new Feature: within social tab new lyrics popup design
Update: some Madsonic Sunny Theme Updates
Update: Update Jquery 1.10.2
Update: Update ffmpeg version 32/64bit
Update: Update many project files
Update: BUG: Chartlyrics search don't work
Update: BUG: Profile/Default user handling

Build 3750
new Feature: Mac OS X native installer
new Feature: Java 1.6/1.7/1.8 compatible
Update: some Theme Updates
Update: Fixed Save on Default User
Merge: [r3506] Make Enter work when searching lyrics.
Merge: [r3505] Show throttle warning in lyrics popup.
Merge: [r3503] Set hsqldb.cache_file_scale=8 for new databases. (should prevent S1000 General DB errors)
Merge: [r3502] Add "Play next"

Build 3740
*) new Feature: new Theme Madsonic Sunny
*) new Feature: new accountService
*) new Feature: new default user/settings system
*) new Feature: new setting to Disable User (Logon)
*) new Feature: edit each user settings as admin
*) Update: Last Build FFMPEG (windows/linux/standalone)
*) Update: tuned some Theme issues

Build 3710
*) Update: Madsonic french translation - Contribution from User breakolami -
*) Update: BUG: PlayQueue loops between identical items - very old one (c;=
*) Update: BUG: wrong jquery Template (B3700)
*) Update: BUG: new Playlist/Media Tools/Cleanup Pages doesn't with subcontent url (B3700)
*) Update: tuned some Theme issues
*) Update: tuned Last.FM Queries

Build 3700
*) new Feature: new (Codename: Pandora) search logic
*) new Feature: new (Codename: Pandora) search settings
*) new Feature: optimize logging/visual settings
*) new Feature: internal Tag Editor Mood-Support (experimental)
*) new Feature: split Playlist Page into Listview & Editor Page
*) new Feature: split Cleanup Page into Playlist / Media Tools / Cleanup Pages
*) new Feature: new usersetting for Mood-Support on Main & PlayQueue Frame
*) new Feature: add new settings for Playlist-editor
*) Update: tuned some Theme issues
*) Update: tuned Last.FM Queries
*) Update: upgrade setup to jetty server 8.1.12 (experimental)
*) Update: upgrade madsonic-booter.jar for new jetty container
*) Update: new dedicated madsonic-tomcat.war for tomcat 7.x installations
*) Update: upgrade old project library files
*) Update: Last Build FFMPEG (windows/linux/standalone)

Build 3660
*) new Feature: Pandora Playmode
*) new Feature: LAST.FM Artistinfo auto-detect
*) Update: Theme: Madsonic White Theme Update
*) Update: Log: moved many log entries from INFO -> DEBUG
*) Update: Settings: optimize some Default values
*) Fix: PlayQueue: Repeat-Mode doesn't display mode correctly

Build 3650
*) Merge: [r3501] Use placeholder for search input field.
*) new Feature: native x64 installer version incl. ffmpeg (needs Java 64 bit)
*) new Feature: define Logfile Level (OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG)
*) new Feature: expand Groupsettings (700kbps, 1200kbps, 1500kbps)
*) Update: Last Build FFMPEG (windows/linux/standalone)
*) Fix: SSL Fix: Recover Page
*) Fix: SSL Fix: Google Font css

Build 3630
*) new Feature: complete Madsonic Rebranding
*) new Feature: Move to \Madsonic (to prevent Problems with subsonic installs)
*) new Feature: Support for Java Heapsize initial Size (Madsonic Booter & Scripts)
*) new Feature: Disable Albumset parsing (General Settings) Full Rescan required!
*) new Feature: Setting to show Log in reverse order
*) new Feature: Artisthub: new visual Albumcount
*) new Feature: Split Full Scan (with/without Cleanup)
*) Update: Madsonic Booter & shell scripts
*) Update: Last Build FFMPEG (windows/linux/standalone)
*) Fix: Random Page doesn't contain duplicates
*) Fix: Null Exception on Mediascan
*) Fix: Full Scan doesn't work all the time
*) Fix: custom Setting Home.view doesn't work (Main Frame)

Build 3600
*) Merge: [r3499] DLNA settings
*) Merge: [r3496] Bugfix: Creates new player for each download.
*) Merge: [r3495] Fix download file names with special characters
*) Merge: [r3489] Add CAPTCHA to password recover.
*) Merge: [r3487] cover.view doesn't set mime type
*) new Feature: Coordinate Main Panel with left column selector (Random, New, Hot)
*) new Feature: Disable Folderparsing -> truncated Year (General Settings) Full Rescan required!
*) new Feature: Disable DLNA Server (DLNA Settings)
*) Update: NSIS Installer 3.0 Upgrade
*) Update: Theme Icon Updates
*) Update: booter & shell scripts
*) Update: JWPlayer 6.6 Update
*) Update: Last Build FFMPEG (windows/linux/standalone)
*) Fix: broken Comment Format Function (Main Frame)

Build 3572
*) Fix: support for multiple genre & moods (supported sperators | ; , //)

Build 3570
*) Fix: unescape Genre (Left Frame)
*) Fix: Fixed Range handling
*) Fix: Disable Range requests while transcoding

Build 3560
*) new Feature: Quick Play/Add Buttons on Albums
*) new Feature: basic support for multiple genre & moods (truncate after first ';')
*) new Feature: Advanced Coverart (scale/crop)
*) new Feature: Advanced Folder parsing (Year)
*) new Feature: some Theme Updates
*) new Feature: cached Genre Radio for faster access
*) new Feature: Genre Filter on Left Frame
*) new Feature: all Covers are clickable
*) new Feature: Cover Last Starred (all clickable)
*) new Feature: Advanced Statistics (Statistics for each media folder)
*) new Feature: Advanced Playlist Tools
*) new Feature: Playlist Left-Frame Disabled (General Settings)
*) new Feature: RPM Build should work with older rpmbuild version
*) Update: last Build ffmpeg
*) Fix: false Query REST API
*) Fix: Genre Filter
*) small Bugfix

Build 3510
*) new Theme: Madsonic Pink
*) Update: Fix Start Scripts
*) Update: Fix Upload Folder can't set
*) Update: Fix Null Exception
*) Update: Fix SQL Query
*) Update: Last.FM API (Since Value)
*) Update: Artist schema (genre)
*) Update: Custom Scrollbar on Log Page too

Build 3500
*) new Feature: Cover Last Starred
*) new Feature: Advanced Statistics
*) new Feature: Setting for Upload Folder (also via script)
*) New APIs for Madsonic Client 5.3 (Artist Genre)
*) Update REST API
*) Update id3 REST API Calls
*) Update getRandomSongs API Calls
*) Update Security fix for all Artist View
*) Update: booter & shell scripts
*) Update: last Build jwplayer 6.10
*) Update: last Build ffmpeg
*) Bugfix




Build 3490
*) new Feature: Merged HTML5 & Flash Version (Video)
*) new Feature: option to change to HTML5 playback (General)
*) new Feature: option to select own genrelist (Tagedit)
*) new Feature: option to reset Transcoder settings (Tools)
*) Notification Bugfix



Build 3480
*) New APIs for Madsonic Client 5.2
*) Update REST API 1.10.1
*) new Feature: All Artist View
*) new Feature: Starred Artist
*) moved some text to translation files
*) fixed FLAC native to Clients Bug (transcodingService)



Build 3470
*) Update FFMPEG
*) Experimental UPnp/DLNA Server
*) Update REST API to 1.10.1
*) new Feature: Play Album directly in home view
*) Fix incasesensitive Genre in REST API
*) New Bookmark REST API
*) Added IgnoredArticles to REST API
*) Tuned some Scrollbars
*) Bugfix


Build 3460
*) Madsonic 5.0 Client Support
*) Subsonic 4.8 API support
*) Update REST API to 1.9.5
*) Fixed unescaped Genre API
*) Fixed some other small issues
*) Theme Madsonic Holotron Rework
*) new Feature: Export all Playlists
*) new Feature: File History (Audio, Podcast, Video)
*) Project Butter (new CustomScrollBar Rework)
*) new Theme Madsonic Tron
*) big other Theme Updates
*) Subsonic-booter Update
*) History Icon configurable
*) Bugfix Release
*) add new Avatar Icons
*) Bugfix Playqueue CustomScrollbar
*) Update French Translation
*) REST API 1.9.2
*) Last.FM Interface-Bug
*) JQuery 1.9 Migration
*) JQueryUI 1.10.2 Migration
*) Cleanup CSS Templates
*) Refactor Theme Template

Changelog 4.8 Branch

Build 3360
NEW: Feature: Icon Setting also for adminuser (configurable)
NEW: Update: new French Translation (User: lanzari)
NEW: Update: update German Translation
NEW: Update: update Norwegian Translation
NEW: Update: update Swedish Translation
NEW: Update: update Spanish Translation
NEW: Update: update Finnish Translation
NEW: Update: Upgrade to latest ffmpeg version (Win/Linux)
NEW: Update: Upgrade to java installer version to 1.7_17

Build 3350
NEW: Update: Typo on Fedora-install

Build 3348
NEW: Feature: Last.FM Match
NEW: Update: Jquery/Jquery UI Fixes


Build 3340
NEW: Update: Revert some Jquery Updates (Scroll-Fix)

Build 3338
NEW: Update: Jquery/Jquery UI Fixes

Build 3336
NEW: Feature: Artist Hub Detail-view
NEW: Feature: Artist TopTag Radio
NEW: Feature: Moods Radio (if Audio Tag Support this)
NEW: Feature: Last.FM Sync Service for Artist Info & more
NEW: Feature: New Setting: howto show Shortcuts
NEW: Feature: Testfiles for HTML5 Player
NEW: Feature: REST: startRescan, scanstatus
NEW: Theme: Updates Themes

NEW: Update:
NEW: Update:
NEW: Update:
NEW: Update:



NEW REST APIs: startRescan, scanstatus


Code: Select all



Code: Select all

<subsonic-response xmlns="" status="ok" version="1.9.0">
<Status started="false"></Status>

Code: Select all

<subsonic-response xmlns="" status="ok" version="1.9.0">
<Status started="true" count="1052"></Status>

Build 3320
NEW: Feature: Changed TranscodingService (Native Support for Clients)
NEW: Feature: Default Video Bitrate via Security Groups
NEW: Feature: mark new added Album with New-Icon
NEW: Feature: Add Playlist instead of only Play
NEW: Feature: Updated New Version avilable
NEW: Feature: REST API Update to Rescan Mediafolders
NEW: Theme: SigelSonic Update 1.0
NEW: Theme: Updates Themes




Build 3312
NEW: Theme: Big Updates to many Themes
NEW: Theme: Reskin Theme "Barents Sea" for Madsonic
NEW: Theme: SigelSonic Updates
NEW: Update: Update JQuery UI template
NEW: Update: Make Themes more Skinable




Build 3310
NEW: Feature: Madsonic now supports Installation on Tomcat 6.0.35/Tomcat 7.0.34
NEW: Feature: create named Playlist from main.view
NEW: Update: Make Themes more Skinable
NEW: Update: Update Podcast REST Api
NEW: Update: Update JQuery UI template
NEW: Theme: SigelSonic Update 0.5
NEW: Update: ThreeJS v0.54




Build 3306
NEW: Feature: Enable/Disable Default ArtistCover
NEW: Update: SigelSonic Theme Updates

Build 3304
NEW: Feature: new Usersetting Audiohide Chat-Panel
NEW: Update: Chat-Panel Text wrap around Fix
NEW: Update: SigelSonic Theme Custom Accordion
NEW: Update: Update JQuery UI template
NEW: Update: many Theme/Css Fixes
NEW: Update: REST API 1.9.0
NEW: Update: HLSController Update Fix
NEW: Update: MiniSub to 2.3.8



Build 3300 Beta3
NEW: Theme: SigelSonic
NEW: Update: Add JQuery UI template
NEW: Update: less aggressive Tracknumber Filter
NEW: Feature: new Sorting File/Album Sorting Options
NEW: Feature: Autoreimport external Playlists if changed on Rescan
NEW: Feature: new Mediafile Version System
NEW: Feature: new Madsoni Last.FM API Cache Service (Coverart)
NEW: Update: Update Coverart Service
NEW: Update: Update Albumset Scan
NEW: Update: Update ffmpeg
NEW: Update: Update Jquery 1.8.3
NEW: Update: Update to jaudiotagger 2.0.4.SNAPSHOT
NEW: Update: Update REST Api
NEW: Update: new Version Service


Build 3292
NEW: Theme: Madsonic Corporate
NEW: Update: Fixed missing JQuery UI template


Build 3290
NEW: Feature: Playlist Easy Share (for example Greeting Cards)
NEW: Update: Fixed duplicated Entries in PlayQueue Bug (Radio.view)


Build 3288SE
NEW: Special Build: Reverted to Java 1.6 compiled version

Build 3288
NEW: Feature: Folderselection Sort is now configurable (GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Feature: Cleanup File Logging
NEW: Update: Fixed Access Default Rights (MediaFolder or Group) Reset Access Rights no more needed!
NEW: Update: Fixed Scanning

Build 3280
NEW: Feature: Madsonic Artist Hub
NEW: Feature: Custom Arrcordion in Left Frame
NEW: Feature: better Sorting (Year, Foldernames, Filenames, REST, ..)
NEW: Feature: Set Default Icons for Top Frame
NEW: Feature: Artitsts stretched over several mediaFolder, now correctly sorted
NEW: Feature: Folderselection is now sorted
NEW: Feature: nicer Logon View
NEW: Feature: Save all Title to Playlist directly from Dropdown
NEW: Feature: Redesign Left Frame, (show/hide) Statistics & Shortcuts
NEW: Update: Fixed Access Right if new MediaFolder is added
NEW: Update: Fixed Scanning Error
NEW: Update: Fixed broken REST Errors
NEW: Update: some Theme Updates
NEW: Update: Update Jquery 1.8.3
NEW: Update: Update Jquery UI 1.9.2
NEW: Update: MiniSub to 2.3.4
NEW: Update: Upgrade to latest ffmpeg version (Win/Linux)

Image Image

Build 3220
NEW: Update: Fixed Jaudiotagger Parsing Error
NEW: Update: Fixed MediaFileScanner Error

Build 3218
NEW: Update: Fixed MetaDataParser Bug if Year is in format 2012-05-07
NEW: Update: Fixed MediaFileScanner Bug if Artist have no Tags
NEW: Update: Podcast Downloader increased to 5 downloads simultaneously
NEW: Update: trimmed REST Filter Errors on broken Streams
NEW: Update: add Tip & Alphabetically View to Listtype (personalSettings.view)
NEW: Update: Jaudiotagger updated
NEW: Update: some Theme Updates

Build 3216
NEW: Feature: Use Subsonic Premium Redirection Services or Share with your own Domain (optional in GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Feature: Sort Files by Filenames (default is alphabetically) (optional in GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Feature: Set Default Leftframe Size (optional in GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Feature: Set Default PlayQueueframe Size (optional in GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Update: some Updates to Sonic-Theme


Build 3210SE
NEW: Special Build: Reverted to Java 1.6 compiled version

Build 3210
NEW: Feature: Advanced Media Library Statistics. (correct artist/album Counts) ... 495#p48495
NEW: Update: Sort folder by foldernames works also on Artist folder
NEW: Update: Fix TYPO on cleanupSettings.view
NEW: Update: directwebremoting 3.0.0-rc3-SNAPSHOT


Build 3206
NEW: Feature: Sort albums by foldernames (optional in GeneralSettings.view)
NEW: Update: CleanupSettings.view

Build 3204
NEW: Update: Fixed REST API Calls - Access Control
NEW: Update: Fixed Random-Search Function - Access Control
NEW: Update: Fixed Radio Random title Code - Access Control

Build 3200
NEW: Feature: Madsonic Media-Folder Access Control ... 15&t=10491
NEW: Feature: Support for Subtitle on Videos (Example: <videofile>.srt) ... 460#p47498
NEW: Feature: Import from each folder a comment.txt into Album-Comment field ... 15&t=10573
NEW: Feature: New Cleanup-Tools Page (Settings.view)
NEW: Update: MiniSub to 2.2.7
NEW: Update: Upgrade to latest ffmpeg version 31.10.2012 (Win/Linux)
NEW: Update: Upgrade to latest java libraries (DWR, common-io)
NEW: Update: standalone Transcoding Pack -> (


Changelog 4.7 Branch

Build 3158
NEW: Update: MiniSub to 2.1.7
NEW: Update: enabled Step3 for transcoding
NEW: Update: Bugfix Flac/m4a transcoding
NEW: Update: for better split transcoding on linux/windows to: Audioffmpeg -> audio, ffmpeg -> video
NEW: Update: standalone Transcoding Pack -> (
NEW: Update: Update Rest API for Tips

Build 3155
NEW: Update: Update transcoding m4a/flac Transcoding Packs -> (

Build 3154
NEW: Update: Filetaging: to auto overide the mediatype use:

  • madsonic_multi.tag
  • madsonic_artist.tag
  • madsonic_album.tag
  • madsonic_set.tag
  • madsonic_dir.tag




NEW: Feature: Exclude files and folders listed in a madsonic_exclude.txt file (put in each line a folder/filename to exclude)
NEW: Feature: Search in left.view is pinned to top
NEW: Feature: in home.view new random Tip-View from Top Recommended Albums
NEW: Feature: grouped all Statistics together in status.view
NEW: Feature: now as Default the Playlist Overflow is hidden in left.view
NEW: Feature: in General-Settings the Playlist Path Setting are back (for later Autoexport Feature)
NEW: Update: Upgrade to latest ffmpeg version 10.10.2012 (Win/Linux)
NEW: Update: new transcoding settings for FLAC & SubWiji
NEW: Update: db.view link to new table transcoding2, player_transcoding2
FIX: jump to anchor is overlapped in left.view
FIX: Update: resolved many Theme Issues[/color]

Build 3146
NEW: Feature: in edittags.view now you can edit the AlbumArtist value (Various Artists)
NEW: Feature: in left.view new Options 'Show All', 'Hide All', 'Show Some' for Playlists
NEW: Feature: User-Role 'Search' to cut down the interface for guests
NEW: Feature: User-setting 'CustomScrollbar' to enable/disable for each user
NEW: Theme: 'Madsonic Kids' to test some new CustomScrollbar Styles for -webkit Browser (Chrome)
NEW: Update: db.view - Better Layout
NEW: Update: log.view expand to 500 lines
FIX: Update: playQueue - Scrollbar Fix
FIX: Update: Append Starred Items to Playlist Fix
FIX: Update: resolved many Theme Issues
FIX: Update: db version Upgrade

Build 3132SE
NEW: Special Build: Reverted to Java 1.6 compiled version

Build 3132
NEW: Feature: Save Starred Items to Playlists
FIX: Update Theme issues
NEW: Update booter.jar

Build 3130SE
NEW: Special Build: Reverted to Java 1.6 compiled version

Build 3130
NEW: Feature: Use 4 different Index Styles for each Music folder Content ... 229#p46236
NEW: Update: 2.4
NEW: Update: junit 4.8.2
FIX: Update Starred Queries for speedup
FIX: Update some Theme issues

Build 3124
NEW: Update Scan Progress visible in Top Frame
NEW: Update: Springframework 2.5.6.SEC03
NEW: Update: acegi-security 1.0.7
NEW: Update: common.langs 2.5
NEW: Update: HTTPClient 4.2.1
FIX: Update some Theme issues
NEW: Split About & Log View
NEW: Code Cleanup

Build 3120
NEW: Optimize Database Upgrade from Subsonic 4.6, 4.7, 4.7 Betas (Now you can migrate your old DB) thanks to hakko
NEW: Mashuped Theme SubStandard, Cool and Clean
NEW: Update Carousel (Resize), Random View
NEW: Update some little Theme issues

Build 3112
NEW: Merged uncommitted Final Changes
NEW: *) Comment delete Play-count Fix
NEW: *) Playlist-import Fix
NEW: *) Scrobble Fix

Build 3110
NEW: Merge to latest SVN Branch ... ision=3091
FIX: Update JSP to work in IFrame
FIX: Update some Theme issues
NEW: Revert to older Linux ffmpeg (works best with flac, m4a, ...)
NEW: Revert to older Windows ffmpeg (works best with flac, m4a, ...)

Build 3106
FIX: Update 'Back in Black' Theme issues
NEW: Include MiniSub 2.0.6
FIX: fixed REST API for MiniSub
NEW: fixed Similar Artists CSS Styles
FIX: finally fixed jumping & bouncing Scrollbar
FIX: Prevent Player Cache Issues
NEW: Update Linux ffmpeg - 20120904-static.32bit
NEW: Update Windows ffmpeg - 20120903-git-5d55830-win32-static

Build 3102
NEW: Tweaked Search-function (Now you can use Wildcard at beginning, Example: *40 -> UB40, Apollo 440)
FIX: fixed broken REST Video-page
FIX: fixed Similar Artists View!
NEW: JQuery 1.8.1 Update
NEW: JQuery UI 1.8.23 Update
FIX: hopefully fixed jumping & bouncing Scrollbar

Build 3100
NEW: New Feature to set recommend Albums for Carousel
FIX: Bugfix broken Create Shares Buttons
NEW: Left Frame Refresh Link
NEW: wtv File Support
FIX: some GUI Fixes

Build 3098
NEW: New Feature to enable/disable Album Year in main.view (General Settings)
NEW: New Feature to enable resizing on LeftFrame (Personal Settings)
NEW: Fix Bug autowidth in LeftFrame (Browser-Zoom)
NEW: Fix Genre serialization on Radio Tags (Radio)
NEW: Fix broken Comment Function (Main)
NEW: Update MediaType detection (File Tags)
NEW: Update MediaType Selection enabled only for Coverart/Tag Admins (Secruity)

Build 3092
NEW: Update to latest ffmpeg build
NEW: New Feature to enable resizing on PlayQueue Frame
NEW: Fix IE Bug to prevent display Custom Scroller
NEW: Fix Theme "Back on Black" Playericons
NEW: Fix Iconpath on Videoplayerpage if not root content is used
NEW: Disable GZIP Filter, prevent startup on Tomcat6
NEW: DB Link in Top only enabled for Admins

NEW: Add Custom Scroller to: Home, Main, Starred and Radio View
NEW: Fix Custom Scroller (some Overlay Bugs)
NEW: Fix all Themes to work with Custom Scroller
NEW: Fix Custom Scroller (some Bugs with Firefox)
NEW: Fix Theme Selection don't work on linux
NEW: Update .deb and .rpm packages
NEW: Complete rework of Custom Scroller (works now better on scrolling, resizing, new Content)
NEW: Merge SVN Commits 3030-3083 (beta3)
NEW: Update Jquery UI 1.8.22
NEW: some Mod Codecleanup
NEW: Better Layoutsupport for Android Tablets
NEW: Fixed slow "Top rated" ... ision=3030
NEW: Update to JWPlayer 5.10
NEW: Update to FFmpeg git-c17808c 32-bit Static (windows)
NEW: Update Windows Installer package with JRE 1.7
NEW: Theme split: Madsonic (dark), Madsonic (black)
NEW: Updated Slovenian translation ... ision=3022
NEW: Autoimport Playlists ... ision=3023
NEW: Fixed problem with content removing and re-adding ... ision=3024
NEW: Clean-up database function ... ision=3027
NEW: First Build with JDK 1.7.05
NEW: Update exe4j 4.4.5
NEW: Update Jquery 1.7.2
NEW: Update Jquery UI 1.8.21
NEW: Update JWPlayer 5.9.2268
NEW: Update Externalplayer (new Skin, Next & Previous Button are back)
NEW: Sinkable Scrollbars (Left & Playqueue Frame)
NEW: Bugfix Playqueue jumps to top on next Button
NEW: Optimize AlbumArtist Tag reading
NEW: temp. disable broken Similar Artist Function (come back soon)
UPDATE: Code Cleanup
UPDATE: Merge to latest SVN Branch
NEW: Advanced User History
NEW: Advanced Albumset Visualization
NEW: Advanced parse/truncate/order Year Tag from Folder structure
UPDATE: Statistics
FIXED: Scanservice/TruncateYear Error
UPDATE: to FFmpeg git-fce30d8 32-bit Static (24.05.2012)
UPDATE: Getting Started.html Link -> Port 4040
UPDATE: to JWPlayer 5.9 Build 2206

Changelog 4.6

Build 2625
FIXED: Code Cleanup
FIXED: broken Dependency to booter.jar

NEW: Default/Own Domain Sharing
FIXED: fixed externalPlayer (disable Revolt-Plugin if first Playlistentry is a video)
FIXED: smilar Artist showed in Right Frame
FIXED: fixed Link Colour in Themes
FIXED: add "2 minutes to midnight" Theme
FIXED: Revolt Plugin is default off if playing/sharing Video (External Player)
FEATURE: Make browser blink when there is a new chat message (Right Frame)
FIXED: fixed the Slick Theme
FIXED: Default Theme Iconsize
FIXED: Windows & Linux compatiblity in UploadPath
FIXED: IE9 dont need compatiblity mode to view correct Coverart
FEATURE: You can set in GenerallSettings the default listType Value for new Users
NEW: nicer Star/Rating Icons
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