Advanced setting for FreeBSD?

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Advanced setting for FreeBSD?

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Hi folks!

I seem to be unable to figure the location of advanced setting in the FreeBSD filesystem. The file containing the MADSONIC_ARGS variable. I need to add an URI to the base URL, that's why.

It's /etc/default/madsonic for debian.
It's /etc/sysconfig/madsonic for RedHat and CentOS.

All according to Same does not say the location for FreeBSD. Incidentally, FreeBSD is the platform for TrueNAS, which is where I'm looking to deploy the plugin.

Any hints will be much appreciated.
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Re: Advanced setting for FreeBSD?

Unread post by Madsonic »

Hi there,

On which version of FreeBSD/TrueNAS do you want to install Madsonic?

Best regards
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