Madsonic Newsletter 02/2021

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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2021

Unread post by troycarpenter »

I just came back to follow-up on the Airsonic Advanced move...

I've moved on to Ampache ( Active development; has a *sonic API so Dsub works with it. The develop branch currently has the latest and greatest code, but there are other branches for more stable releases. There are also docker images for those so inclined.

Full disclosure, I recently added the catalog filter feature to Ampache (a feature most *sonic servers have). It was the last major feature I needed so I could move my users to Ampache from Airsonic Advanced. I got tired of waiting, wrote the feature, and submitted a pull request for the code. The point is that if there's a feature you want in Ampache, you can write it if you are so inclined.
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2021

Unread post by VikingOy »

The newsletter talks about version 8 (and also a version 9 is mentioned) with promises to deliver first half 2022 ?!
Well, so far not much seems to happen - eh ?
It's a pity. Madsonic is such a fine tool.

I'm currently running 7.0.10390 in a docker container as a premium user (lifetime license).
It keeps telling me that a version 7.0.1040 is out, but when I try to log on to download, it tells me that my account is invalid!
Too bad.
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2021

Unread post by charlie14 »

I think madsonic is unfortunately dead
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