Goodbye Madsonic!

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Goodbye Madsonic!

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I just need a reliable music server that has the following features:
---search (so I can find what I want to hear)
---apps (so I can actually listen to the music on a variety of devices ideally phones, tablets, computers, TVs)
---ongoing development (that's what technology is about)

Currently Madsonic does not meet any of those criteria and with the lack of development over the last 2 to 3 years, nothing is going to change, it appears.

Plex is great:
---searches are intelligent and bring up artist information, albums, best of playlists. quickly and easily, no matter how your music is organized
---app support is amazing and covers all platforms. Yep, every one of them, including my Samsung TV.
---development is steady and rapid. New apps and server versions appear regularly.

I rooted for Madsonic with a Premium subscription for at least 5 years but enough is enough. I need for the server and clients to actually work, on all the platforms that we have progressed to and for all of it to be improved over time.

Good luck, Madsonic crew.
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