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Artist Update

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I use both the web version and Android version pretty extensively. Since I started using MadSonic, I noticed there is a difference if you go to Artist Index on the web and the folder icon (Which seems to serve the same purpose) on Android. On the web the Artist Index is updated everytime you access the page. It seems on the Android version though that it caches the information even though it must make a request (login?) to the server. This behavior to me lead me to believe it was updating the page instead of using cache. However, if you use the recycle button on the menu bar at the top, it correctly updates the page.
Could we add a cache timeout (perhaps, the first time it is requested a day) to make it automatically update the cache. I haven't noticed a cycle timeout on the cache yet but if there is one, IMHO it needs to be more frequent.
I am constantly updating and adding new music to my library and this would be a great feature.

This is one of those requests that it could be a feature or could be listed as a bug even though the application is functioning as expected.

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