Playqueue behavior when selecting from the Index

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Playqueue behavior when selecting from the Index

Unread post by frank2228 » 27 Jul 2016, 23:46

Essentially I am looking for the option to change the behavior of adding songs to the play queue when browsing music. Here is how I envision it working.
  • 1. Select Artist from Index/Artist list
    2. Select Album from available Albums
    3. If the user selects a song from the tracklist, the play queue will remove all current entries and be populated with the full album listing. Playback will start at whichever song was selected.
    4. I used the words Artist and Album but these are just directories so I guess if someone has their music organized differently, the main idea is that if you are viewing a directory and select a file that is in it, it will wipe the play queue and repopulate it with available files in that directory with play back starting at the selected file
I personally don't mind hitting Play All at the top as it means I cannot erroneously write over my current play queue but I do see the advantage of being able to simply click and play. When I listen to music I tend to select an album and let it play through but if I want to start somewhere in the middle of the album, the options are either to manually select the songs I want and use the drop down menu to add them to the play queue or to select Play All then jump to where I want to start in the play queue.

Hopefully this could be a setting that can be changed per user but if not then at least a setting that each admin can set for their server.

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