True Folder Name Sort Possible?

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True Folder Name Sort Possible?

Unread post by J_T_W »

I'm new to Madsonic (via Subsonic & Airsonic) so if I've searched on the wrong terms and missed the answer post, please point me in the right direction.

I have ~7,400 albums exposed to Madsonic, all MP3s with ID3v2 metadata configured. I have them all organized for what i have found to be maximum compatibility across different media servers:

.\[A-Z]\[Artist]\[Year] - [Album]\[Track] - [Title]

If I have multiple versions of the same release or multiple groupings (disc 1, disc 2, etc), the structure is:

.\[A-Z]\[Artist]\[Year] - [Album]\[Instance]\[Track] - [Title]

To eliminate having the Artist Index only show root folders, I have Media Folders entries configured for each entry point character and allow a Group action to display them altogether. I have played around with any of the Sort and Show options under .\Settings\General and can't seem to get where I want to go - which is a true folder name sort.

What I get with "Show albums year", "Sort albums by foldernames", and "Sort MediFile Folder Selector" all enabled, is an alphabetized list of artists at the root level (Artist Index page), sorted by folder name – great.

At the 2nd level (Albums by Artist) if the album folder contains MP3, the ID3v2 Album tag seems to be used; if the folder contains subfolders and no MP3s, the folder name is used. In either case, the derived year must be pulled from a child MP3 at random as it does not always reflect the folder name year (especially for compilation releases). This results in a non-sorted Album view, neither alphabetical nor by year.

If the Album folder has child folders, going into the third level results are back to just ID3v2, again with derived years and no consistent sort. This often results in multiple child folders merged into a single display folder.

At the actual MP3 level, having the track number visible would be nice, but that sort does seem to be by track number, but if multiple releases were merged together, that order is incorrect.

Is there a way to get just a straight folder view as on the file system?


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Re: True Folder Name Sort Possible?

Unread post by loungecrasher »


I am looking for the same solution. Did you have any luck figuring this out?



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