Change track name for DLNA/UPnP

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Change track name for DLNA/UPnP

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I'm using MADSONIC 7.0.10390.a6fd24b.20190510.0829.
The dlna option is a very useful feature. However, there are clients (in my case the Playstation 4 specifically) that sort the tracks by track name and don't respect the order in which the server is sending the track list. With other DLNA servers (foobar2000 for example) I'm able to change the trackname to have a number added to it, so the PS4 is showing me the tracks in the order I want them to be played.

Is it (or will it be) possible to change that in Madsonic as well? If it's already possible, then how do I change it? The DLNA settings page only allows me to change the name of the DLNA Server.

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