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Difficulties playing files with node

Posted: 09 Aug 2017, 03:48
by c.jordan84

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 VERSION:      MADSONIC 6.3 | BUILD: 9560
 SERVER:       CPU: AMD A6-3600 | ARCH: X64 | MEMORY: 5GB | HDD: 80GB
 OS:           CENTOS 7.3.1611 (Core)
 JAVA:         ORACLE JDK 1.8.0_131
 CLIENT:       NODE 6.2.9260
 DESCRIPTION:  Missing Functionality or Documentation, Tracks don't advance
After upgrading to Node 6.2.9260, I found that there was much less setup required before I could get audio. However, in order to play a file, I must use the server's Web UI to load files into the playlist, go to Settings->Nodes, click the transfer button, and then click start. And even then, it will only play a single file; the node still does not automatically advance to the next track (same issue reported here ... 1940#p6651)

I've tried using the nodeControl view in the API to set the node playlist and start it, however nothing is ever communicated from the server to the node, even though the node reports that it is registered. I checked with wireshark running while I was running API commands and there were absolutely no requests sent to the node from the server.

Is this an actual issue or just a case of ignorance on my part? If this functionality is not missing in code, I need some instruction on how to successfully play files from the node other than using the buttons in Settings->Nodes. I've reviewed all available documentation on the madsonic site, however I still have not been able to make this work.

Re: Difficulties playing files with node

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 11:30
by Madsonic
Hi there,

To simplify the configuration and handling of the Madsonic Node the new upcoming versions

* Madsonic Server 6.3
* Madsonic Node 6.3
* Madsonic Android 6.0

have a fully integrated solution.
Best regards,
The Madsonic Team