Forget Plex, this is the way to go!

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Forget Plex, this is the way to go!

Unread post by SysopChris »

I had been sharing my music through Plex. I have 350,000 files and Plex was so bogged down and using like 5 TB database storage it had become useless. Madsonic has made such a difference. What a superior product for audio sharing (that's all I have tried using). I just wanted say how much easier I am finding it and how I wish I had used this from the beginning. Awesome product.

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Re: Forget Plex, this is the way to go!

Unread post by a7medo778 »

Its still missing a decent Mobile UI and a steady team to help out in the dev and community support
Its currently a one man show i suspect

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Re: Forget Plex, this is the way to go!

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For me, Plex is/was only for video. Plex was a fork of XBMC/KODI and therefore made mostly for video 'n stuff. It is, same with Kodi, a bad idea to pump more than 500 songs into the database. The software just can handle that, so it always a good idea to look out for software, which tries to specialize, like Madsonic (although, I got a bit worried, when Madevil tried to make it a state-of-the-art-videoplayer too, but hopefully, that never will continue and only rudimental videoplaying is available.)

The Plex-Team made a really great job designing their UI, having stable Server and Client software and going to the market (with their paid subscriptions).
Its somehow like Madsonic subscriptions, you can use mostly for free (as in no money), but for the good luxury you have to pay. Thats ok by me, we all need some bread and want to pay the rent. Keep in mind, that a steady team needs a steady income ;-) Unfortunately, we're not in 1990 anymore, where ppl. coded for fun and fame! (those ppl. are now old and employed and don't have much sparetime anymore. Some of them have a wife and children too, call it a family, or just Real Life. Thats very unfortunat for a coders life...)

IF this is a one man show, it is a big success and a very impressive and applaudably piece of software it is too! (I guess, Madevil has a Designer and a Webhoster in his crew. If you code this software *and* do the Graphics *and* texting *and* translations *and* hosting *and* billing and all the things I forget, then you are an unbelivable one man show)

Anyways, a (hopefully decent) Mobile App for IOS is something, I'm missing too, but atm I'm more concerned that all the bugs are fixed :-)
Of course, Madsonic works great -out of the box- but when you go in detail...well, it lacks some of the heavily development.

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Re: Forget Plex, this is the way to go!

Unread post by troycarpenter »

I totally agree. I have both a Plex lifetime and a Madsonic scubscription. I use Plex for video (and some pictures), and Madsonic for audio. As much as Plex has focused on music development, it just isn't convenient to use Plex for music on my devices (well, maybe sometimes on a video streaming device like Roku or Firestick). Dsub is much better for Android devices.

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