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Search failure

Posted: 15 Mar 2018, 10:59
by zzzonedotnet
MADSONIC 6.3.9720.8df1ddd.20171017.0105

I tried searching for the artist "Man Parrish" via the single main search box.

No matches with artists or songs even though my tags are correct and I have two folders with Man Parrish as part of the label.

I have about 25 songs by the artist in two albums.

I did not have tag search activated. I just activated it and Madsonic is scanning.

Re: Search failure

Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 01:09
by zzzonedotnet
I enabled the tagging feature.

It took several hours to rescan my 400k+ file library.

However, even with this, Man Parrish appears after several other entries in the list and after I have clicked "More."


Re: Search failure

Posted: 31 Mar 2018, 17:34
by zzzonedotnet
Are there any user settings that can make the search more accurate?

Are there any search methods that the user can employ to make searches more accurate?

I'm persevering here because SEARCH is arguably one of the most important features, especially for a large collection of music.

Re: Search failure

Posted: 06 May 2018, 01:53
by Matt Zornig
Well, I had a lot of problems with search results (or better: no results), but as with MADSONIC 6.3.9840.8df1ddd.20180107.0710 the problems *seems* to be gone. I have only tested for 3 days, but my old problems are solved and no new have come yet :-D
In the Bug reports Forum you wrote wrote:I'm still holding out the hope that someone can give me guidance on what I am doing wrong, either before or after I invest in a new music server software option.
I don't think, you're doing anything wrong.
You may try a search with only small letters, but -AFAIR Madevils answer to my (or some other users) old posts, case shouldn't matter...
Or, you may try a search for only "Parrish", without "Man" to see what will be delivered to you then,
but the best would be to try a newer Server Version, if there is any, you can download and install for your system.


Re: Search failure

Posted: 19 May 2018, 00:03
by zzzonedotnet
Hi thanks for the answer.

I took your advice and upgraded to the latest version that you referenced.

When I search for "Man Parrish" there are no results under Artists or under Albums, until I click the more button under Albums and then there are 3 matches, although the match is with the Artist and not the Album. Man Parrish does not include his name in the Album titles.

So, at least I get results but still strange, unintuitive results.


Re: Search failure

Posted: 20 May 2018, 16:06
by zzzonedotnet
More details:

Search with "Parrish":

I get Theo Parrish, plenty of matches, but no matches under Artists or Albums for "Man Parrish".

Search with "Man Parrish":

I get one of Theo Parrish matches under Artists but no "Man Parrish". There are several other artists with "Man" in their name that match.
Under Albums, I get one Theo Parrish match and plenty of artists and album names with "Man" in their name or title.
If I click the "More" link under Albums, the second and third matches are for my two "Man Parrish" albums.

I checked my file tagging, all the Theo Parrish and the Man Parrish files are tagged correctly and completely, including the Album Artist tag.

So I'm not quite sure about the preference of "Theo Parrish" over "Man Parrish" by Madsonic. Maybe Madsonic has a preference for house music?