Strange problems after install

Madsonic Server 6.x
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Strange problems after install

Unread post by matluma » 16 Dec 2017, 23:58

Hi all,

I have just done a fresh install of my Qnap server and have some strange issues with Sonos and Madsonic.

Firstly, After i point MS to my music share and scan it, it shows album covers and i can click and play them so they look like they are in order but when I search I get no results for anything. It also shows 0 files in both of the statistics windows.

Secondly, my Sonos is on FW 8 and this broke MS-Sonos untul the update.
I can get Sonos now to see MS with the workaround but there is no search feature available in Sonos either. I can only browse and it gets laggy.

Any ideas?

Does anyone know how to downgrade SONOS to 7.x firmware?


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