Enhance Radios with a load/save/remember button

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Enhance Radios with a load/save/remember button

Unread post by Matt Zornig » 05 May 2018, 10:17


It would be great, if, in future, it could be possible to save/load own sets.

Say, a user likes to play often Minimal Techno + Downtemp + Foo + Bar, he could just save this preference and reload it if needed.

Also he could save a set for Psychedelic Rock + Surf + Rockabilly + Foo + Bar and reload it, if needed, without clicking all the tags again and again.

(Saving playlists is possible right now, but that does not help, if new music (or moods) is added)

Also, can we have 2 buttons in the Mood Radio menu, like SELECT ALL and CLEAR SELECTION (maybe INVERT SELECTION too)
as well as an option to remember the current selection for the next time, Mood Radio is started?

Right now, it clears the selected moods on every start, which is .... not that convenient as it could be ;-)

Same goes for the Tag Radio and Genre Radio ...

moods menu mockup [2].png

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