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Add: Scan a single Media Folder only

Posted: 03 May 2018, 17:19
by Matt Zornig
coming from here: how to rescan a single media folder only?

It would be a great ease, if the users could just scan a single media folder and not just ALL folders at once.

Right now, a scan is running, which will take aprox. 3 days until its finished.

It seems, I can't add & scan another media folder meanwhile, to just add a small folder to play with, without stopping the current scan and start over (which will cost another day).

So it would be great to add a button for each media folder to start a single scan.
(or a pulldown menu or checkboxes for each media folder in the Media Tools Menu to choose which media folder to re-scan.)

Any way would be appreceated so that the user can choose what folders to scan and in what order.