Audio Ads per Group/User/Player

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Audio Ads per Group/User/Player

Unread post by Matt Zornig » 03 May 2018, 11:42

It would be -not very important for the average User- a nice advanced setting, if we were able to set different ads for different groups/users/players.

Say, we have a group "Foos", we could send them no or less ads/snippets. or Special "Foo" ads/snippets.
Say, we have a group "Bars", we could send them ads/snippets for all the "Bars", they're interested in, but not the "Foo" ads/snippets.
Say, we have a user "MyGirlfriend", we could send her nice messages 8-)
Say, we have users which use "Player Hobo" (as configured in the Players Configuration), we could send them special Hobo ads.

Just thinking for the future...

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