Playlist Collaboration\Access Control

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Playlist Collaboration\Access Control

Unread post by frank2228 » 29 Nov 2017, 23:21


I think a great feature to add would be a way to collaboratively work on playlists. I am on build 6.3.9720 and currently there is no way that I have found to allow other users to add on to playlists I create or vice versa.

A few different ways I have thought of making this possible, please comment if you have any other ideas that are more efficient/effective.
  1. 1. User based permissions: With a user based system, there would be a playlist permissions page when creating or editing a playlist you have created. This page would have 4 columns titled username, read, write, and read/write.
    The username field would be automatically populated using the database of users. Read, write, and read/write would be check boxes to allow the creator to assign permissions to a individual playlist.

    Pros of this method are very granular control over access to your playlists. Cons of this method are a potential for too many users to be listed and making the system annoying to use or a creator could select everyone to have access, creating a problem where another user is seeing playlists they don't want to see.

    2. Group based permissions: With a group based permissions system, the Settings->Access groups would be leveraged to allow for some control over playlist rights. Instead of the current two options of Music or Video, a third option of Playlist would exist that the admin can assign an access group to. The creator of the playlist will still have a permissions page with read, write, or read/write options, this access is only granted to groups that have Playlist checked in Settings ->Access. This is only one way that I have thought of groups being used, I am sure there are plenty of other good options.

    Pros for this method is that it is easier on the playlist creator to set up permissions and allows the admin to have some more control over playlist access. Cons are that the playlist creator loses some control over who is getting access since they may not be aware of which access groups have Playlist access and which users are members of those groups.

    3. Increase User interation and communication: This is a more ambitious method but could allow for some other good ideas. Essentially I am thinking that there could be more features to encourage user interaction and communication. This would be applicable for playlists as follows. Users are allowed to friend other users. A user can then create their own groups (friends, family, etc) which can be treated as access control groups. When creating a playlist, each user can assign read, write, or read/write permissions to individual friends or user groups. Another example of something that could be built on that system would be individual or group based chats instead of a full public chat.

    Pros are that the playlist creator has the best blend of control and ease of use and that a more advanced user system could allow for other fun features like chat or anything else the community might come up with. Cons are that it would be the most amount of work for Madevil I think ;)
Please let me know your thoughts on improving any of the ideas I had or if this problem is already solved link me to the solution.

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