Playlist Functions

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Playlist Functions

Unread post by Ginnarr » 22 Sep 2017, 14:44

Hello All,

New to the application and the forum. First off, thank for this great product and the continued development.

I am currently still in my trial period but after using it for the past 2 weeks I plan to purchase. Just a quick question. I am hoping this is already a function that I just haven't found yet but here we go.

One of the biggest functions for me, is staring songs while listening, then going back and adding them to playlists, based on the artists they fall under. I set my music in what I assume is different then others. Instead of having all of the artists listed individually on the index, I create folders so they are all separated. For example, I have all of my normal music in one large folder called "Regular Music", then soundtracks in separate buckets "TV Shows", "Movies", etc... and all of the individual Artists/Albums are under them. So when I make playlists, I like them to be seperate as well: starred songs in Regular music go to a regular music playlist... and so on.

The functions that seem to be missing (may be wrong) are:

1) When going to the starred songs, if I select all and add to a playlist, if the song already exists in the playlist, it adds it again so there are duplicates, instead of just appending songs not already part of it.
2) A way to "hold shift and click" (just how you would on a Windows Explorer window) to select a chunck of songs so they can be added to their appropriate playlist: select songs which are part of a regular music artist - select songs part of a soundtrack artist.
3) Add a header row (like windows explorer) to the starred items or playlist page, giving the ability to "sort by", instead of having to add all starred songs to a new playlist, then add those to the play queue to be able to select all and sort by "xyz".
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