Podcasts automatically append to playlists

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Podcasts automatically append to playlists

Unread post by rahlquist » 03 Aug 2017, 17:07

I'd like to suggest a feature. A tad complex perhaps. Allow user to assign a playlist to each podcast, that when a new podcast is downloaded, Madsonic will automatically append the latest episode to the end of the play list. Make the play list non exclusive as well.

Just for example;

Say I have 5 podcasts
1 Security now
2 FLOSS Weekly
3 This Week In Computer Hardware
4 Know how
5 Hamish & Andy

Say I want to make this into two playlists named, Work and Play. The first 4 podcasts I mention are computer related and the 5 is some radio show hosts from Austrailia that are considered by some to be funny (never listened so dont know). So I would like to be able to go into each of the 1-4 podcasts and assign them to the Work playlist and then go into the 5th and assign it to the Play playlist.

Then as each podcast downloads simply append the new episode to the end of the playlist.

As a nice addition the ability to either delete listened to podcasts automatically or be able to move them to an archive playlist after play (so they would nolonger show in the main playlist you have set them to) would be nice.

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