user defined tags in the playqueue

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user defined tags in the playqueue

Unread post by Matt Zornig » 04 Mar 2017, 23:55

requested for 5x: Custom id3-tags to display

Can we have an option to place TAGs freely to the playqueue or playbar?
user addable tags, like i.e. COMMENT field
We're using a lot of DISCOGS-tags and also the COMMENT tag for handling/displaying Remix or Version information in my loved player foobar2000.

So this:
only album and title tag is shown, so users cannot choose te correct song they want to listen.
would look a little bit more informative, like this:
COMMENT tag is shown too, so users can see what remix/version of a track is shown/played.

I seems to be a very special usecase, as we could add all information from the COMMAND tag to the TITLE tag, but keeping the title tag free of information, like "featureing...", or "remixed by..." or "accapella version" is essential for finding the proper song via searching tools and tidy up messed-up and overcrowded title tags.

Problem would be to sort the userdefined tags properly, so their order make sense for the user.

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