add: croping coverart, instead of squeezing only

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add: croping coverart, instead of squeezing only

Unread post by Matt Zornig » 04 Mar 2017, 14:56

I'd like to suggest to have a crop option (left / right + top / bottom) as well, as the adjusting to fit the cover image for the webgui?

I know, its hard to find the "best looking" solution, as coverart, which has no aspect ratio of 1:1 (height:width), is difficult to fit in a 1:1 box, but
in most cases, cropping looks "better" (as in pleasant for the eyes and not irritating to the memoized image of a human) then stretching.

So it could be nicer to view a coverart which is cropped at both sides (left/right or top/bottom).

The attached image is surely not the best, but a good example, as it covers both, a good and a bad example of a coverart:

image ratio not 1:1, but the content/matter/recordlabel is 1:1
label is not centric (right distance to the border is bigger then the left distance)
easy to crop (at least for humans and advanced software/scripts)

Any Ideas?
shown in madsonic: the cover is deformed because the proportions are not 1:1
deformed_cover.png (47.22 KiB) Viewed 915 times
the embedded cover inside the file: looks nice roundish :-) like we all know records.

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