Conversion table, for special chars, like german umlaut

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Conversion table, for special chars, like german umlaut

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regarding to this "bug", I'd like to be able to configure something like an conversion table in madsonic, for the search function.

(This is maybe already included in madsonic, but if so, it does not work properly)

This feature request is mainly for german language, but it will also help users in other languages for auto converting searchterms they're looking for, but cannot find, because the madsonic search engine is too strict. (or too loose and gives too much false results)

Say, when seaching for Grossstadtgeflüster, where ü is the special german umlaut character,
I'd like to automaticly search for
because those are two common notations for ü too.

It would be great, if this was possible, becaue now, very less music with special characters are returned from the madsonic seach, even when the searchterms exist in various tags in the music-files indexed by madsonic.

As an addition, it would be possible to create a kind of "autocorrection" list, for searches.
"feat." => "feat" "featuring" "ft." "&" "+" when searching "rapper feat. another rapper"

"vs." => "versus" "vs" when searching for "beatles vs. ramstein mashup",
where the user does not know exactly, how the "versus" is stored in the tags of the music.

Helpful reference on stackexchange and stackoverflow.

Hopefully, some others find this usefull too :-)

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