Add an easy method for adding new podcast episodes manually

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Add an easy method for adding new podcast episodes manually

Unread post by troycarpenter » 07 Feb 2017, 17:10

There are times where I have the mp3 file from a past episode from a channel that has long dropped the episode entry from their XML feed. However, for one reason or another I want to keep that episode and have it available. To do that I would like to see an easy way to enter the required information into the podcast episode database without having to manipulate the database directly.

I wouldn't mind if this were a separate .view page at first which asks for the necessary episode information to insert into the database. This would include a drop-down to select which podcast channel the episode is for, and text boxes for each of the fields. Since the path to the media file can be derived from the channel info, the user would only need to put in the file name...system could or could not verify the file exists. There should also be some database indication that this is a manual entry in case that needs to be known for a future enhancement.

It would be nice if this eventually turned into a more advanced podcast manager that allows modification of all aspects of channel and episode database entries.

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