Ease of Access, Sorting & Navigation

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Ease of Access, Sorting & Navigation

Unread post by MasterfulMethods » 28 Oct 2015, 07:45

I've had some ideas lately for extra buttons to play music, sort & navigate. I've used both v5 and v6, and I don't think these exist (if they do, sorry):

1. A way to sort playlists without adding them to the queue, sorting, then re-saving a playlist

2. In the play queue, there is Select All/Select None; an Invert Selection could be useful for playlist creation

3a. Currently, there are buttons on album thumbnails to Play or Add. I was thinking it could be nice to have extra buttons (or a cascading list) to play/add random songs from that album (so you don't have to leave the page to go to the album). Example, I have a bunch of EDM 'albums' sorted by genre, ranging anywhere from 50 to 500 songs, it would be cool if when I saw them in the Home page, I'd be able to hit a button and add 10 random songs from one of those 'albums' without leaving the current page, then add some from another, etc.

3b. A new setting in the settings page for the threshold on how many songs to add/play from an album when 'Random' is selected

4. I really love the similar/recommended artists feature in version 6, I've been waiting for that for a long time, however I got sort of attached to the Now Playing bar being in the right pane, I always thought it was neat to see what other people were listening to (without having to go to the Broadcast page). So I wonder, would it be possible to maybe:
-have a setting to put the Artist Info where the "Welcome to Madsonic" message usually is, or
-a toggle to switch between Now Playing/Artist Info, or
-split the right pane and have both, making each section scroll-able

5. Ways to better sort/list the Starred Albums/Artists/Songs. IMO, the feature is almost worthless because of how the starred items are listed in chronological order, rather than alphabetical.

6. An options menu for the Statistics. It would be nice to have control over things like: what media folders are included in the Statistics, maybe a song duration limit (songs under 30 seconds aren't included in the most played statistics), etc. The reason I mention this is because I have 200+GB of Video Game OSTs, some may have 50+ 1-2 minute songs, so if you listen to that a few times, it skyrockets to the top of the 'Most Played Albums' and 'Top Played Tracks' in the Statistics and skews the results pretty bad.

Big fan of Madsonic, love the project.

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Re: Ease of Access, Sorting & Navigation

Unread post by Matt Zornig » 05 Mar 2017, 06:37

convenient sorting is most useful and needed!

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