Can't connect after defining media directories in vbox

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Can't connect after defining media directories in vbox

Unread post by m1zt3r » 31 Dec 2017, 16:35


After installing madsonic in oracle virtual box all works as espected until defining media directories and rebooting. I can reboot normally and connect to madsonic if I do not specify any media directories. After defining media directories and rebooting the vm, I cannot connect to madsonic despite the vm responding to ping and running other services. I can save the state of the vm to keep madsonic running as needed for the time being though this is not optimal. I am using virtual box shared folders on the vm to access files from the host, however defining normal directories provides the same result. I appreciate any time taken to look into this, thanks.

Using current version of vbox with openjdk8-jre on debian 9 both on the host and vm.

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