memory use

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memory use

Unread post by davebiff » 28 Apr 2017, 14:27

I just switched from Subsonic to Madsonic, because of Chrome removing Flash support. The install was pretty painless. Thanks!

I'm running the deb-packaged version 6.2.9080 on Debian on a Sheevaplug, a small ARM-based system with 512MB RAM. Subsonic was fairly happy with "--max-memory=100" but I'm finding the Madsonic server is slow to start, and the web interface is slow to respond to user clicks, even with somewhat higher settings like "--init-memory=128 --max-memory=256".

Is anyone else running Madsonic on a small-memory system? What parameters are you using? Are there any tweaks I can do to reduce the memory consumption? I'm happy to disable features other than basic mp3 playing if that's possible.


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