Service not starting

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Service not starting

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Seems every time I upgrade the software to a new version, the service will not restart properly.

CPU climbs up to 12-14% steady and the memory usage gets up about 800meg on the agent when I click to start the service, but the window just says "Running. Auto-Start." and none of the information boxes populate below (from the Madsonic Control Panel) .

Only solution i've found myself is to delete the "db" folder and let it make a new one... but then I lose all the users and database , then when I add the music again , the next time I stop and start the service , it does the same thing and won't start.

Is there any info you want / need for this? I can post a log or info on the system . (its a clean windows 7 pro 64bit install with updated java and flash running on an i7 4790k , 16gig ram , SSD primary OS drive and WD Black drives for music DB) .

thx for any info you can give.


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Re: Service not starting

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