Thanks, and ReQuestion

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Thanks, and ReQuestion

Unread post by etyrnal » 02 Sep 2015, 16:51

Hello! Looks great!

Under "Home Defaults:/List Type"

Why is there no option to have the default list be "Recently Added SONGS, or Random Songs, or Starred Shuffled Songs???

Madsonic is SO Album Artist oriented. I never listen to music that way. Some of us actually like listening to our various favorite SONGS.

PLEASE consider adding these options. I have always liked Madsonic, but have always been frustrated by this Album/Artist-centric layout.

There's no way to browse Songs/Tracks.

Why not make it so that they can be.

I understand the problem presented by having 250,000 songs, but there are web sites, and modern web pages that have already tackled this, by making 'Infinite Scrolling (dynamically loading ) web pages/frames.

So, there Should be a browse ALL songs.

To address issues like, wanting to avoid loading hundreds of thousands of song meta data all at once, only load what can be seen on screen plus a few pages worth surrounding it.

As you scroll down the page, it can keep loading screenfulls (based on detected device screen size) ahead of what's on the screen, and after a few screenfulls have fallen off, the data can either be cached, or dropped.

The other thing that could be done is keep a local copy of the song id, title, artist, album, and only verify/update/sync based on loaded chunks.

:idea: Just ideas, but it's kind of depressing that i cannot scroll through songs. I like to do that and notice old songs i love, and haven't heard in a while.

Without being able to scroll through and browse songs i don't get to hear any of my Unknown Artist, Unknown Album stuff, and i have LOTS (been collecting mp3's since they were first floating around, and many thousands don't have ID3 tags, or conformed filenames. Sometimes they are just a track name, or a number. I WANT to be able to browse it all.

Also an alphabet index slider can help, and or being able to have a constantly listening dynamic filter, so that at any time, unless having the cursor in a field for editing, i can start typing, and search results start coming up (Songs, Artists, Albums(, etc.

Please keep up the awesome work!
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