Docker Image for QNAP TVS-951X

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Docker Image for QNAP TVS-951X

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Was looking back at Madsonic again recently and thought it would be great to install using Container Station app (Docker environment) on my newish QNAP TVS-951X NAS. As these boards do not seem like there is much recent activity, I am still not sure sinking a lot of time in this may be worthwhile but in the event that there is some resurgence of activity here, would love to know which Madsonic Docker image may be recommended for the QNAP. I thought about running the Debian image, but not sure about the others. Also, once installed will it be possible to update the image to the latest Madsonic build?
Thanks for any help on this...used Madsonic a bit a few years ago and really liked it...thinking it may serve well again. Maybe the Plugins for the NAS's are still under development, as I see QNAP is part of that crew...that would surely hasten adoption of this software and probably lift some sales in the subscription department.

~Dubhead 8-)

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Re: Docker Image for QNAP TVS-951X

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I have successfully run the import-madsonic6-1498847122019 on my TS-453Mini in Docker for many years.

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