ripping and converting

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ripping and converting

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This is a small guide on how to convert videos to appropriate format.

This guide is not to be used to perform illegal acts, such as convert movies that you  do not own the rights or have permission to perform the convert by the owner of the rights. (little protection for me and the community ;)
There are many different programs to convert movies, but two of them absolute best is HandBrake, or Dvdfab. I have personally tested almost 50 different programs, so I know that one can get quite confused :(
when it comes to Dvdfab full version is a paid version but is very easy to use.
in this guide, we only use part of dvdfab (dvdfab paskey)
it is available in both paid and free.

Install dvdfab paskey: (if you have movies on original disc)

and Handbrake:

insert the disc, dvdfab reads the disc (wait) when finished reading,
right click the icon in the status bar and select rip to hard drive)
it comes up a little box where you select the movie and where to save it.

(you can also convert without ripping the disc furst, but the downside is that it can be read error and then you have to start over .
if you rip over the fil first
(which is fast) then you risk no read errors during the job with handbrake.

think for yourself if it has been converted in 3 hours and then it appears a read errors last minute.
then you get a little angry.
there is another advantage to, if you rip over multiple movies, you can then turn on several at a time (eg during the night) I've ripped 15  films simultaneously without problems.

When the film has been ripped to the hard drive, it's time to start HandBrake.
Handbrake is not the fastest but guaranteed the program that provides the best size / image and it's free.
there are many different settings that you can do in handbrake and this guide will help you with it without go into too much on what each thing does.
It will be similar settings for bluray and dvd
the difference is the subtitle handling and cq (constant quality)

(More coming soon! work in progress)

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