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prevent flac from being transcoded

Posted: 24 Sep 2017, 15:56
by rolf73
Hello, I am trying to stream my flac files to my (high end) audio streamer, however it is either transcoded (to mp3 320kbps) either not playing at all (tracks are visible but not played)
Is Madsonic able to transfer flac files directly to my audiostreamer (CambridgeAudio CXN) without transcoding (lossy format) it first? Otherwise I would have used my Itunes library which only contains 320kbps mp3.

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Re: prevent flac from being transcoded

Posted: 26 Sep 2017, 09:27
by Tak-MK
You can create another player with a transcoding line which does not convert flac, and assign it to a user, and use that user on your audiostreamer. :D