Newbie to MadSonic - Help with Scanning Media (Sources)

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Newbie to MadSonic - Help with Scanning Media (Sources)

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Hi -- completely new to Madsonic -- seems great so far. I installed it on a Windows machine, and tinkered a bit with the settings, seems intuitive enough.

However, I've added a bunch of different media folders as sources. The first two, seemed to scan when I hit the scan files now link. However, it stops, and doesn't seem to scan any of the other folders (I have about eight more that I added). MadSonic does see those folders (if it doesn't, it'll post a warning beside the source and say media folder not found), but it just won't ever scan the media in those folders. Is there a limitation I'm unaware of, or something I'm doing wrong?

I'm running server 5.x on Windows 8.1.

Please help! Thanks.

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