Custom WAR Deploy with Tomcat

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Custom WAR Deploy with Tomcat

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So I'm trying to test out various versions of madsonic within Tomcat, however I am finding out that I need to have more than one default directory for where these write their logfiles to.

I am not too familiar with Tomcat7 to figure this out, and google has not been as helpful as I would have hoped, so I am hoping there are some here that are more knowledgeable than me. I know how to do it with the standalone and Synology versions, as its inside the script but the Tomcat7 version does not seem to sue that SH file.

How can I specify an alternate MADSONIC_HOME path for different deployments
for ex.

Madsonic6.0.7760.WAR = /var/madsonic607760
Madsonic6.0.7600.WAR = /var/madsonic607600

its getting tiring to constantly stop each instance, rename the directories, start the other version. yadda yadda.

Thank you for the help :)

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