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Madsonic User Guide

Unread post by gurutech » 12 Oct 2015, 00:52

Hi Everyone,

I thought I could put my talents to good use, and I have decided to create a user guide for Madsonic, with instructions on how to install from scratch, upgrade from an older version, etc....

I will need help though, as I run my Madsonic server on Centos Linux, and don't have access to things such as command line instructions for other Linux flavors such as Ubuntu. I will also need screen shots from both Windows and Linux - at least as far as the installation/upgrade instructions, and possibly music/video folders for media libraries. Screenshots from an individual web browser I can capture from Linux and use on Windows with no issues.

If you would like to help me out, please PM any instructions and/or screen shots you may have or are able to get, and provide a description of the screenshot, or a set of instructions. Formatting doesn't matter, as long as I can tell which instructions go with each step. I will do the formatting as I enter it into the guide itself. I will be sharing credit with everyone who helps!

Once I have a basic outline of the user guide, I will post on my Google Drive and provide a link for everyone who has helped to check out the document and make suggestions on editing/cleaning it up.

I will provide updates here as I make progress on items I still need screenshots and/or instructions for.

Edit: Don't know why I never saw this before, but there's already a user guide located at I will use this as my "template" and add anything that I don't find in these pages to my document. I will also try to combine as much as I can (as long as it makes sense); such as only having one section for Java installation, but including steps for all supported OS's.
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