Playlist deleting songs

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Playlist deleting songs

Unread post by gurutech »

Not sure what happened, but my server lost its network connection to my media folder, and all of my playlists defaulted back to 0 songs. (I had backups, so I just had to delete them all and then re-import).

I'd like to see a feature where playlists will not remove a song from itself if the file (song) cannot be found. I'd hate to have users creating playlists, and something like this happen again.

I'm thinking making the internal playlist "read only", unless an "edit" button is clicked, in which case, a small script is run to mark the playlist read/write, and then give you the opportunity to edit the playlist, then when you click "save" it will write to the file and become read only again.
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Re: Playlist deleting songs

Unread post by staticsyphon »

This just happened to me.

My data harddrive (1 TB) with all my music was detached, I started windows (and Madsonic automatically I guess).

I restarted windows once or twice, then reattached my harddrive and started windows again.

I go to Madsonic to find my music library empty, all my playlists have 0 songs.

Why does this happen?? Did something else corrupt the database?

If playlists really delete songs whenever the playlist is loaded and can't find the song, then this is (one of) the dumbest Ideas I can imagine.

If I don't get a response as to why or how to stop this, I'm uninstalling and going with a stable platform, this is just WAY too upsetting for day-to-day use if all playlists can be emptied when an (external?) drive is detached.

Obviously I'm ignorant to how Madsonic works, but in any scenario I can imagine, this is just absurd that my playlists would be nuked... sigh.

There is so much I LOVE about Madsonic, but such a fatal flaw makes it hard to trust the server, I've already spent a few days looking through forums for a solution, trying figure out what happened to the database or diagnose what went wrong.... still no clue and HUGE waste of time when I'm just trying to cultivate my music collection for a couple hours a week.

Thanks for the support on this application, it really is awesome, just scary at times.
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