Madsonic Linux Repo

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Madsonic Linux Repo

Unread post by gurutech » 17 Feb 2013, 01:48

How possible would it be to set up a repository for Madsonic (or even Subsonic) updates? While the manual process isn't too daunting, I think it could still be made easier by using a repository.

I'm not familiar with Linux flavors outside of Fedora/Red Hat (RPM files), but I'm guessing there can be some form of repository for other distro's like there is for RH/Fedora.

If something like this could be added for Windows, that would be great too, so everyone could benefit.

As a suggestion, I think a "beta" repository and a "full version" repository would be needed.

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Re: Madsonic Linux Repo

Unread post by jonnymnemo » 06 Mar 2013, 12:14

+1 for this feature !

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Re: Madsonic Linux Repo

Unread post by newburns » 26 Mar 2013, 11:49


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