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jukebox alternative

Unread post by DoCC » 07 Jan 2015, 08:46


i wonder if it would be possible to rearrange the HLS rest-api.
i.e. i do not have any soundcard installed in my ESXi host so there is non for the virtual machine. ergo the jukebox possibility is useless.
since java requests if any sound device is present the jukebox quits if there is nothing found.
what if the jukebox was able to stream into stdin or something like that.

the goal would be

madsonic -> jukebox -> shoutcast / icecast -> W W W

do not talk about the specific sense , it just would be a very nice feature, providing a fully automated "dj" pushing some sound via a streaming service in the WWW.
would be helpfull if one does not have the bandwith for multiple listerens from www at the same time ^^

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