Headphone FF support

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Headphone FF support

Unread post by gurutech »

I'd swear this was a feature on an earlier version of the Madsonic app for Android, and not sure if it was on iPhone or not, but I'd like to see a feature re-introduced where I can hit the "pause" button on my wired headphones twice in rapid succession to skip to the next song in my playlist. Or 3 times to rewind to the beginning of the current song.

Like I said, I could swear this was a feature before. It's possible it was part of the Android OS, or maybe even part of the "rooted" Android OS, but either way, I'd love to see this implemented into the app.

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Re: Headphone FF support

Unread post by taylord1984 »

That is normally part of the operating system/Rom your using, that links that action to skip.

That's my guess, as it use to come and goes when changing rom on my phone.

Have you got volume button on your headphones? If you have, you can try the hold +vol to skip. Again tho it will depend on operating system/Rom implementation.
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Headphone FF support

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Will there be a version of NeoRouter for Windows Mobile devices in the future?

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