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Beta-Android client problems

Posted: 14 Aug 2015, 08:43
by Soleurs
I get that the beta clients are still WIPs, but I've been encountering issues with iOS and Android Subsonic (and the official Madsonic) clients when it comes to using server beta 6.0 builds. Was there a major shift in code that prevents these apps from using the newer servers? I'm running beta 6.0.7060 server and Android app 5.6.

I've attached a picture of the error I get on the app.

Re: Beta-Android client problems

Posted: 15 Aug 2015, 16:17
by DJBeastMaster
I am seeing the same issues you are, has anyone determined a solution to this yet? I am very anxious to see how it works with all three of the Android apps I have used Subsonic, DSub, and Madsonic.

Re: Beta-Android client problems

Posted: 30 Aug 2015, 17:28
by daaango

I get the exactly same problem with any of the current 6.X server releases. Is there any fix for this? If there is no fix, then I'll downgrade back to 5.X version. I have absolutely no use for madsonic if it doesn't work with android. Btw also tested out all of the windows clients listed on subsonic clients list and none of them worked with 6.X version of the server. Everything worked just fine with the newest madsonic 5 server. In case you get new madsonic 6 server working with any of the clients for android then please post here and explain how you got it to work.

tl:dr clients don't work with madsonic 6 server atm

Re: Beta-Android client problems

Posted: 30 Aug 2015, 23:47
by gurutech
A new version (Beta version) was released earlier today. I just received it and updated, and it fixed this issue.

Re: Beta-Android client problems

Posted: 02 Sep 2015, 20:06
by chali

im sitting here and playing with transcoding settings and player, trying to find out how to gett seeking working again on android.
I Can make it work but only for dvd not for 1080p/780p. Sadly it takes over a minute for it to resume playing and it only works on wlan/lan.
if i'm looking at the server "now playing" it looks like it have to "download" the full movie if i try to seek in a movie.

/xlm/settings.xlm handles the default player setting but i can't see how it hands over the media?
i really like to see/now the difference between: Raw mode, hls mode, mx mode and default mode?
what's the difference in hand over to the player and so on.