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Album / Track title info not displaying, car stereo playback

Posted: 22 Jan 2015, 22:52
by dLysergic

I've recently purchased the madsonic app via google play and am noticing something strange. I did a search but was unable to see this issue listed. I am running app version 5.6.

For nearly all songs in my collection, Album / Track title information is not displayed on my car headunit. Some mp3s actually do show title information, and I can't identify what is different. When using other mp3 playback clients, album and song title information works flawlessly. The "subsonic" app (on which I assume this one is loosely based) also has the same problem. Track duration works (didn't in subsonic.)

I am using an LG G3 with a JVC KW-HDR81BT headunit. I've heard somewhere that there might be something about different BT profiles in use on various hardware which can have an effect. I have checked and I am currently running the most recent firmware offered by the manufacturer of my stereo (dated 2012.)

I reviewed the transcoding settings of my madsonic server installation, and thought perhaps adding -map_metadata 0 to the line would improve the situation, but it does not. Track / Album title information is available when viewing my library on my phone via the app.

This problem affects files of type ogg, flac and mp3.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this issue?

Re: Album / Track title info not displaying, car stereo play

Posted: 26 Jan 2015, 17:26
by dLysergic
I noticed the following behavior today:

I selected random playback, the first song began to cache and the title appeared momentarily, then my stereo's display switched to the default of "NO NAME". Subsequent tracks displayed NO NAME as well.

It seems like the metadata is getting there, but then goes away.

Also, when metadata does work normally, I am having the problem with preloading on 5.6 as discussed in this thread: It seems like, while looking at the source on github, at line 1221: avrcpIntent.putExtra("id", (long) downloadService.getCurrentPlayingIndex()+1); the +1 is refers to the next track in the play queue as opposed to the currently playing track. Could this be creating that bug?


Re: Album / Track title info not displaying, car stereo play

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 00:58
by DoCC
wait, erm ... your LG is linked ONLINE with your server ?
if so, you will never get the track ids OR you never get the correct ones.
the reason with mobile clients beeing linkes online not showing correct track infos, is the caching process.
you will see the same behavior if you check your server via a normal webinterface.
the track shown on the right info panel is the track which was cached at last.

the only way to get working realtime trackinfo is to have all the stuff already cached, or turning cache to a system minimum.

at least i think this would be the major reason behind all this.
But i can't tell any more since here in germany messing round with mobile connections is very limited -.-
but i guess one time madsonic will make it to aftersale devices like dynavin ^^ then you could have the entire madsonic client on your cars head unit ^^

Re: Album / Track title info not displaying, car stereo play

Posted: 08 Mar 2015, 16:02
by dLysergic
Hello, Yes - I host madsonic on a webserver, and use it to stream my radio via mobile. I believe there is a misunderstanding with the root cause of the issue. Other players (Dsub) are able to cache unlimited, and properly display meta data via my stereo. I prefer the madsonic app because it provides the ability to play random songs, etc.

There really is no technical reason why the app can't present the meta data for the currently playing track to the stereo, so I am a little confused by your reply.

Thank you for your interest in this topic, I appreciate someone taking the time to respond!