Madsonic on Webspace

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Madsonic on Webspace

Unread post by Gabriel »

Hello There,
I Like The Subsonic / Madsonic.

My Question.: Is It Possible The Madsonic also operate on a web space?

It Is Just a suggestion, do not know if it is feasible.

Would be nice if someone can build.

@Mad --- Great Work On This One

Greetz Dark City Music

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Re: Madsonic on Webspace

Unread post by triptol »

I guess the answer to your question is: yes, but with a huge BUT.

You need to have access to your content from the madsonic server. So if you got 100Gb of music, you need to host that on your webspace.

There is even a second BUT: most webservers are Apache / IIS with PHP or ASP support. You will need a JAVA Servlet engine (like Tomcat) to operate (mad|sub)sonic. These requirements make it rather uninteresting for private use (you probably don't want all your content on some server on the internet). I guess your best bet is to upgrade your upload ;-)
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