Madsonic techdemo II bugs and features i'd like to see

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Madsonic techdemo II bugs and features i'd like to see

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I have found some Madsonic bugs with Techdemo II. My operating system is Windows 7 service pack 1, 64 bit. The computer consists of an Intel Core 2 duo 2.55 ghz cpu, 5 gb ram, 2 tb sata hard drive, 100 mb internet download, 20 mb upload and I am using Madsonic 64 bit. Version: 5.1.4100.beta1. Server: jetty/8.y.z-SNAPSHOT, java 1.7.0_51, Windows 7 (105.6 MB / 1.55 GB)


* When you select many songs by checkmarking them, the list refreshes itself at times and then all checked music is uncheckmarked and you have to be careful and only select a few at a time to add to a playlist and such. This error seems to happen when I check the box on the left with left click and I usually am scrolling down the page and then selecting more songs when this happens.

*When playing a .mp3 file at times, it stops playing by itself and there is plenty of the tune to go. I tested a few .mp3 on VLC Media Player that did this and it plays through with that program like it should.

* Transcoding using the latest Madsonic app on Android breaks certain streams. [5/29/14 5:33 AM] WARN RESTFilter Error in REST API: broken Stream is the latest error playing a .avi extension file. I seen in a post that there is transcoding issues with most phones. If I am streaming using a Windows 7 computer and Mozilla Firefox, it is completely fine and also works fine on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The player used on Android is MX Player though every player I have tried shoots the same error in the logs and the file won't play or just loads for a very long time. Then, it still doesn't work and just keeps loading. I have tried every player on the settings list.

* Full Rescan deletes my playlists. The setting is under settings, Media Tools. If this is supposed to happen, I think clarification that it will happen is best. Current text is: INFO Start a full Media-Folder scan.
ACTION Disable Media-Folder - Rescan - Reenabled Media-Folder - Full Rescan

Features I'd like to see:

* A Samsung smart TV app. I'd be willing to pay for this app like I did for the much better Madsonic app for Android.

* I saw another post stating that being able to enjoy photos also on Madsonic. I agree with this feature request and think it would be an awesome addition.
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