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Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 04 Feb 2017, 08:29
by Madsonic

Dear Madsonic Community & Early Adopters!

I'am proud to announce some Updates!

Madsonic 6.2.9240

*)NEW: RSS Feed
*)NEW: SONOS improvements
*)NEW: PLAYLIST improvements
*)NEW: PODCAST improvements
*)NEW: PLAYQUEUE improvements

Madsonic 6.2 Node Installer

Madsonic 6.2 QNAP-NAS QTS Plugin

Madsonic 6.2 Synology-NAS DSM 6 Plugin



podcast-options.png (7.73 KiB) Viewed 23439 times

Search people who are interested in testing new changes and functions or can help with language translation.

*) Update translation
*) GUI workflow tests
*) Transcoding tests
*) Performance tests
*) Stability tests
*) Sonos tests
*) LDAP tests

As always, looking forward to your feedback!

best regards,
The Madsonic Team

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 14:43
by piretro999
Hello, How can I correct some imprecise translation in Italian?
(eg: played is better translated with lettore or riproduttore, if you really want to translate it, not giocatore since this is used only for games, or hot is not piccante unless you are talking about sex or chili. A better word could be bollente, or caldo...or even a small tense)
Is there a Locale file?
Thank you

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 17:17
by Madsonic
Hi there,

Any help for translation is welcome. :D
(41.99 KiB) Downloaded 104 times
you can send me your suggestions for the italian translation. :thumbsup:

best regards

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 21:36
by piretro999
Ok I give the answer here too.
Hi, I just sent you a private message with the attached file.

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 13:43
by e1z0

is it possible to do upgrade over madsonic 5.0 version? So i can have old users and database?

btw, nice progress Madevil! ;)

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 25 Feb 2017, 21:02
by IrishMLK
When I go to download the newest versions, I don't see them on the download page. Am I missing something?

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 02/2017

Posted: 25 Feb 2017, 23:40
by Madsonic
Madsonic Main Download for latest and snapshot version:

best regards