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Madsonic Newsletter 07/2016

Posted: 27 Jul 2016, 10:14
by Madsonic

Dear Madsonic Community & Early Adopters!

I'am proud to announce a couple of new Updates!
Searching people for troubleshooting new changes and features:

*) HLS transcoding tests
*) Dreambox integration
*) dynamical scanning
*) GUI workflow tests
*) Performance tests
*) Stability tests
*) Sonos tests
*) LDAP tests

Madsonic 6.1

new techtree build (for testing only, contains more debug log)




Madsonic 6.1 Node SDK

Madsonic Node:

Madsonic 6.x Synology-NAS PLugin

updated to the latest 6.1 build & full installer

DSM6 Installer:
DSM5 Installer:

As always, looking forward to your feedback!

best regards,

Re: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2016

Posted: 04 Aug 2016, 20:15
by Nacrylyc

Ok I just install 6.1 build 8550 with docker on QNAP NAS (with and without SSL activated) :

1) Don' t use a network bridge, use a "host" mode, the madsonic cannot find any sonos controller with bridge, normal the controller must be in the same subnet.

2) I test the connection with Sonos and doesn't work. I saw the service in the list and the log file is :

Code: Select all

[04/08/16 19:00] 	INFO 	SonosServiceRegistration 	Enabling Sonos music service, using Sonos controller IP, SID 244, and Madsonic URL
[04/08/16 19:00] 	INFO 	SonosServiceRegistration 	Sonos controller returned: success!
But when I try to loggin on madsonic by Sonos, the information it's not reconized.

Finaly I didn't test other thing, I wait for Sonos cause it's the principal function I want.