How to get the Android App to sort by <Album Artist>

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How to get the Android App to sort by <Album Artist>

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Just learned that Google Music is probably going away so I stumbled upon Madsonic while looking for an adequate replacement to stream my personal library. The server looks great and I am impressed.

Now I just need a client that sorts my music by <Album Artist> not just <Artist>. Madsonic Server seems to do this because when I go to <Artist Index> everything is displayed that way. I will be damned if I can find a client out there that does this, though. I thought that the actual Madsonic App could/would do this but when I go to Artists --> all Artist it seems to want to display everything by <year> and then splits albums out by <genre>. And it is weird, I end up with a list that looks like this:

Progressive Rock

Hard Rock

Progrssive Rock


The closest I can get is when I go to Albums --> by Artist but then I have to scroll through each album from every artist. There has got to be a separate way of setting this up so I can just search by the <Album Artist> on the client, doesn't there?

If not, does anyone know of a client that will allow this. All of the client apps listed by Madsonic sort by <Artist> instead of <Album Artist>.

Thanks for any suggestions or tips.

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